Eileen Patten is a Research Analyst at the Pew Research Center. She graduated from the University of Michigan with bachelor’s degrees in English and Sociology with honors. While at the University, she was a research assistant at the Institute for Social Research on the Relationship Dynamics and Social Life (RDSL) study, which primarily investigates the phenomenon of unintended pregnancies among young women. She was also a copy editor and co-copy chief at The Michigan Daily, and has interned in the editorial division of Oxford University Press – New York

Jan. 30, 2013

The Sandwich Generation

Dec. 18, 2012

A Bipartisan Nation of Beneficiaries

Apr. 19, 2012

A Gender Reversal On Career Aspirations

In a reversal of traditional gender roles, young women now surpass young men in the importance they place on having a high-paying career or profession.

Dec. 22, 2011

Women in the U.S. Military: Growing Share, Distinctive Profile

The women who serve in today’s military differ from the men who serve in a number of ways.