PublicationsFebruary 12, 2014

Record share of wives are more educated than their husbands

ReportsFebruary 11, 2014

6 key findings about going to college

ReportsFebruary 11, 2014

The Rising Cost of Not Going to College

For those who question the value of college in this era of soaring student debt and high unemployment, the attitudes and experiences of today’s young adults—members of the so-called Millennial generation—provide a compelling answer.

PublicationsFebruary 6, 2014

More Americans are Tying the Knot

ReportsJanuary 9, 2014

There’s more to the story of the shrinking pay gap

ReportsJanuary 9, 2014

Why it’s Great to Be the Boss

America’s bosses are more satisfied with their family life, jobs and overall financial situation than are non-managerial employees. Bosses are also significantly more likely than workers to think of their job as a career rather than just a job to get them by.

ReportsDecember 17, 2013

Changing Patterns of Global Migration and Remittances

Patterns of global migration and remittances have shifted in recent decades, even as both the number of immigrants and the amount of money they send home have grown, according to a new Pew Research Center analysis of data from the United Nations and the World Bank.

ReportsDecember 16, 2013

Who men and women prefer as their co-workers

ReportsDecember 11, 2013

Who’s the boss? In U.S. business, it’s mostly men

ReportsDecember 11, 2013

How Pew Research measured the gender pay gap