May. 16, 2006

Increasingly, Americans Prefer Going to the Movies at Home

The start of the summer blockbuster movie season has Hollywood hoping for the usual stampede to the theaters, but now more than ever, the place that most Americans would rather watch movies is under their own roof.

May. 9, 2006

Calling Mom on Mother’s Day. And the Day Before. And the Day After.

The traditional holiday phone call to mom may not have the impact it once had — not because fewer sons and daughters remember to call, but because more are already talking to mom every other day of the year.

May. 2, 2006

Once Again, The Future Ain’t What It Used to Be

The idea that each generation of children will grow up to be better off than the one that preceded it has always been a part of the American dream.

Apr. 26, 2006

In the Battle of the Bulge, More Soldiers Than Successes

Two-in-three are dieting or exercising

Apr. 19, 2006

Eating More; Enjoying Less

Americans are eating more but enjoying it less. Just 39% of adults say they enjoy eating “a great deal,” down from the 48% who said the same in a Gallup survey in 1989.

Apr. 11, 2006

Americans See Weight Problems Everywhere But In the Mirror

We tend to weigh ourselves on a different scale

Mar. 28, 2006

A Barometer of Modern Morals

Sex, Drugs, and the 1040

Mar. 14, 2006

22% of Americans Have a Relative in a Mixed-Race Marriage

Guess Who's Coming to Dinner

Mar. 7, 2006

Gauging Family Intimacy

Dogs Edge Cats (Dads Trail Both)

Feb. 28, 2006

Who’s Feeling Rushed?

Overall, about a quarter of all adults in this country say they always feel rushed, while a majority of Americans sometimes feel rushed and about a quarter almost never feel rushed.