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Women, Men and Marriage

Our new report uses four decades of U.S. Census data to delve into historic gender role reversals in the spousal characteristics and economic benefits of marriage. Among the U.S.-born 30-44-year-olds who are the focus of the report, more women than men hold college degrees and women’s recent earnings growth surpassed men’s. So what has happened to the institution of marriage during this period?

The study finds that that the rise of wives has contributed to making marriage an increasingly good deal, economically speaking, for men.


All Things Census: Day One

Welcome to All Things Census, a gathering place for postings about census methodology, findings and resources.

As the 2010 Census revs up its engine over the coming weeks, this site will look closely at its machinery.  After the actual count gets underway – beginning with enumeration in remote Alaska this month and ramping up with delivery of census forms in March — All Things Census will explore how well it is going. When the data come out, starting late this year, it will feature reports on what the numbers say and mean.

Contributors will come from throughout the Pew Research Center. The principal author will be me (I’m a senior writer for the Pew Research Center and a former demographics reporter for The Washington Post). Please send comments on the postings here. Suggest topics and links that you think should be mentioned. Share these posts with others. There are tools to do that on this page.