Administration Women
Johnson 0.0%
Nixon, term 1 0.0%
Nixon, term 2 N/A
Ford 4.5%
Carter 11.1%
Reagan, term 1 17.6%
Reagan, term 2 17.6%
G.H.W. Bush 17.6%
Clinton, term 1 31.8%
Clinton, term 2 40.9%
G.W. Bush, term 1 19.0%
G.W. Bush, term 2 23.8%
Obama, term 1 30.4%
Obama, term 2 34.8%
Trump, to date 2019 26.1%

Source: Center for American Women and Politics, Rutgers University.

Percentages are based on the maximum number of women serving concurrently in a given administration. Includes only women presidential appointees confirmed by the Senate to Cabinet or Cabinet-level positions. One woman served in a Cabinet-level position during Nixon’s second term but the changing number of positions over the course of the term makes it impossible to provide a share.